Monday, 18 April 2016

GHL Students Roll into Journalism School

Teacher Lindsay Ryan and Gr 4 class from George H Luck

Interview with Jeff Samsonow
At EJ School we learned about interviewing. We like interviewing because it gave us a chance to know people and learn about what they do every day! We interviewed many people and what they did to contribute to the newspaper. We also had the chance to interview two entrepreneurs. Their names were Ashley Janssen and Jeff Samsonow. They both worked with software in their businesses. It was interesting to learn about what it means to be an entrepreneur and what they do each day! We loved interviewing at EJ School!

Police Officer named Bryan and his PSD
(Police Service Dog) Fallon
This week our class got to meet Police Officer named Bryan and his PSD (Police Service Dog) Fallon. Most police officers that use police dogs use German Shepherds and Labs. Bryan showed us the toy that Fallon gets rewarded with. Fallon and Bryan make eye contact when they are in a situation or when they are training.  Fallon has 300 million smell receptors that make it easier to smell the suspects. Bryan only pulls out his gun and other weapons when he really needs it. Constable Bryan said that he has wanted to be a police officer since he was a little boy. When asked what tools he uses the most in his job every day he said he uses his brain and his mouth more than anything else!  

Press conference at CKUA
featuring Grant Stovel
On Tuesday April 5th we went to CKUA radio station for a tour & a press conference. The volunteers at the station gave us a tour around the station. We got to record our voices on a real microphone! Some of the students got to meet Tony King and had a chance to speak live on the radio! We got to tour the music library in the CKUA basement, which had SO many CD’s and records. At the end of our tour, we held a press conference with Grant Stovel. It was really fun to ask him questions and hear his interesting responses. He seemed very passionate about his job and about music. We had an awesome time at CKUA Radio!  

Saying Farewell to Rexall Place
in Churchill Square
On Wednesday April 6th we got the opportunity to visit Churchill Square and attend to the Farewell to Rexall Place Event. Tons of Oilers fans gathered around and watched legendary Oilers stand on display on the stage. There were over 100 former Oilers there! The crowd went wild after the Mayor of Edmonton, Don Iveson, finished his speech. The Mayor announced that the last game at Rexall Place was to be played that night, and the crowd went crazy! Sadly, it was too busy for us to get any autographs from the players. Finally, a few of the Oilers got a chance to speak. The three lucky Oilers that got to speak all said stuff about the hockey seasons they played and then said a small inspirational speech. After the event we took a walk and looked at the sports hall of fame. What a fun day!  

Interviewing Angie Mills
at the EPL downtown
Our class got the privilege of going to the Edmonton Public Library (EPL), which won the 2014 Library of the Year award. At the EPL we got the chance to meet a very special person named Wayne Arthurson. He is a Writer in Residence which means he spends lots of his time writing and also spends lots of time reading and editing other people’s writing. It was great to meet and interview him!
We also got to look at old newspapers that were saved on films in perfect condition. Lots of key information was saved. An example was the story of the sinking of the Titanic!
When we walked around the EPL, we noticed lots of amazing artwork. The coolest one was near the entrance of the library where the canvases spelled out the word “ARTIST”. We also got to see the EPL Makerspace, which is a really neat place where you can use 3D printers. Wow!