Wednesday, 16 March 2016

George Luck Room 13 Highlights from the Week

Connected, Contributing and Caring Citizens 
from Gr 4 Room 13 George Luck at EJ School
Merissa Feraco-Batiuk and Room 13 students
First Day
Enjoying learning about changes in communication
 and radio broadcasting at CKUA Studio.
One of the highlights of our wonderful Edmonton Journal School week was visiting the CKUA radio studio!  We really enjoyed it! It was neat to meet Tony King and go on air with him. We learned that there have been many changes that have taken place in the radio broadcasting industry and in music radio. It was interesting to see an old record, record player, cassette and CD. Some of our parents heard us live on CKUA! We have learned that the past helps shape our future. CKUA is a fantastic place to learn!

Memorable afternoon of learning at CBC Studios
 in downtown Edmonton

We also enjoyed visiting the CBC Studio downtown! Chris gave our class a tour and we were able to see different types of cameras, televisions, microphones and screens. We learned that programs are also created in French at CBC. Did you know that CBC broadcasts hockey and other sports in French? There have been many changes with technology at CBC.  It would be very interesting to work at CBC and broadcast the news!

Students learned about entrepreneurship and
made many great connections when interviewing
special guests from Capital Ideas

Our Grade 4 class enjoyed the entrepreneurship activity! We enjoyed interviewing the different entrepreneurs. It was neat to learn that an entrepreneur is someone who does what he is passionate about. All of the people we interviewed made a difference in their community! It was memorable interviewing people like Lori because they each had an inspiring story.

Our Grade 4 class thought the Fly On The Wall interview activity was a lot of fun! It was so interesting to interview people at the Edmonton Journal and find out what a photojournalist, editor and journalist does. We learned a lot about different careers at Edmonton Journal School. We enjoyed working in groups and asking really great interview questions! Grade 4, Room 13 thought it was pretty special to meet so many interesting people at the Edmonton Journal!

Our special week of learning was fun, interesting, meaningful and memorable! Room 13 loved EJ School!
Grade 4 students in Mrs. Feraco-Batiuk’s class at George Luck School enjoyed interviewing many different people at the Edmonton Journal and members in our community. The Fly On The Wall activity was a lot of fun.