Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Open Your Eyes to the City Shout Norwood Students

This is us waiting at Stadium LRT Station. We were waiting for the train to come.  It came about every 8 minutes.  We missed the early train every day! We caught the train to Central Station.  Sometimes we had to stand when there were lots of people going places.  It was a great experience!

Look at all those stairs! Every day when we arrived at the Edmonton Journal Building, we walked up five flights of stairs. We were able to see things on every floor on our way up.  It was so much easier going down the stairs instead of up. We won’t miss them!

On Monday, January 16th Norwood School (the UN-4-Getable 4s) went to Iron Foot Place (Tsa Tsa Ke K’e). We saw the mosaic by Alex Janvier.  Some people saw cool things in it.  We saw something that looked like an Angry Bird! We had an outstanding time.  The mosaic was very unique. We hope everyone gets to enjoy it!

On Monday, January 16, we went to Rogers Place (also know as Iron Foot Place) for our first time.  Guess what?! There was a statue of Wayne Gretzky! It was very big! Wayne Gretzky is holding a big trophy called the Stanley Cup.  We hope everyone take a picture of him holding the trophy.  It was amazing!

On Friday, January 20th we arrived at the Edmonton Journal Building and went straight out to the balcony on the fifth floor.  It was a beautiful sunny morning so we could clearly see the river valley and lots of buildings downtown.  We will never forget the view of our city!

Have you ever seen such a beautiful view at such a high height?! The Un-4-Getable 4s did! It was our very first time ever looking out at the city.  We loved being able to see the river.  It was so amazing that our heads almost EXPLODED! We think you would feel the same way too!

On Wednesday, January 18th we did some art at the Alberta Legislature. We found a pole with an imprint of the legislature building on it, taped a piece of paper on it, and lightly shaded using our pencils.  Did you know you could go to the Legislature to do art? You can!

We all made a rubbing downtown and had fun! We rubbed all different shapes and sizes. We miss rubbing because it was so awesome.  Did you know you could make your own art right there on Jasper Avenue? You should take a look at the benches the next time you’re on Jasper Avenue!

On Wednesday, January 18th we walked behind the Legislature.  We had an amazing race! We found some important information. We were surprised by the sign of Fort Edmonton.  We also saw a Totem Pole from British Columbia, and the High Level Bridge.  It was spectacular and something we will never forget!

On Wednesday, January 18th, the Un-4-Getable 4s got to visit the Alberta Legislature Building.  We learned about the Alberta government, the chamber where they meet, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta and Chief Crowfoot.  Our guide Mary was very nice and told us lots of information.  We hope everyone has the chance to visit the legislature!