Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Greenfield Students Are ‘Going Places’ With Their Edmonton Journal!

Interview Guests for Defining Entrepreneur
We had an exciting and inspiring week at the Edmonton Journal. In this article we describe a few of our ‘Top Things’ of the week!

Discovering The Old Linotype Machine

When we saw the linotype we learned that you would press keys on the linotype to engrave the news in metal. Then they put ink on the metal and put the paper on the metal and there you have one newspaper. The newspaper used to only be eight pages long. Before they had linotype you would have to set every letter one by one. We were able to put our notebook over the metal and then draw on the paper and there would be the words, but sadly it was backwards so we couldn't make anything out. The linotype was created in 1884! We really enjoyed doing this because we learned how the newspaper was made long ago. We also think it was cool that the design of the machine was 132 years old.

Enjoying Colour Comics
Interview And Inspiration With Photographer Ryan Jackson

Ryan Jackson is a photojournalist at the Edmonton Journal. He has been a photographer for 10 years and takes about 100 to 1000 photos per week. He says the best pictures are often backstage. He also says that to be a good photographer you need to have creative angles in your pictures.
Ryan Jackson asks the people he meets to do some cool poses. Sometimes he says that it takes 10 to 20 times to make the photo perfect or good enough.
Ryan Jackson always tells himself,  “Bring back pictures not excuses!” so he doesn't give up. He was an engineering major but when he volunteered for his school newspaper, his friends told him he should do that instead and eventually he changed.    
It was really fun to see Ryan Jackson because it was really inspiring to see all his photos and hear his stories. 
Outside CKUA

Visit To CKUA Radio

From the Edmonton Journal we walked to CKUA radio. They have more than 60,000 CDs. It was amazing!  As we walked through the building we met Tony King and went on air! We went to a press conference near the end of our tour where we met David Ward. Our classmates had a lot of good questions for David Ward. He believed that the most exciting thing that happened when he was at CKUA was when the station went off air. It was a nerve racking time for David.
Interviewing CKUA host, David Ward
David started with CKUA in April 1982 with a part-time position in the library.  We discovered that CKUA is different from most radio stations. The DJs get to pick their own songs and CKUA does not always play today’s “top hits”.  This visit was one of our top things because we went on air and met David Ward!

Riding the LRT

The Stanley Milner Library Has Technology Of The Past And The Future!

EPL won the ‘Library Of  The Year Award’ in 2014. The EPL Makerspace at the Stanley Milner Library includes a 3D printer, a book printing machine, sound booths, and a filming set!
Viewing Rogers Place construction
We looked at microfiche with articles from 1900 and some recent French newspapers. We also looked at art maquettes like The Fruit Bowl and The Blue Mountains.
The Makerspace has an Espresso Book Machine that would let you publish your own book. There was another part of the Makerspace with a green screen so if you needed to film something you could. The sound booth is a place where people come to record music anytime they want.
At the library we saw 6 different paintings. They spelled ARTIST. We liked them because of the symbols on each painting.

We liked the Stanley Milner Library because that particular library had a lot to offer like the microfiche/microfilm space.

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